Friday, December 16, 2011

Simplicity 2398

So even though this pattern is for a formal dress I thought it would make a nice top. I used a Cotton Satin off the spotlight clearance table, first time I've seen it, its thin like a cotton but has a nice sheen like a sateen.
I shirred the back of the top - I really wish I'd not used the zipper, the top doesn't need it plus it was a PITB, I always remember afterwards when I sew with bias that I should have put some interfacing down each side for the zipper before I start sewing. It always ripples, I end up having to unpick and run gathering stitched down the ripples, then resew! Maybe i should write myself some cheatsheets to remind me what not to do! There's still some rippling, but not enough to bother me.
I interfaced the midriff band - If I make it again I wouldn't bother having it, it tends to crumple up when I wear it. I ended up hand stitching down the gathers on the front of the bodice too - they were pouching out so I did some small stitches under the creases.

I made the size 20 with a 1" FBA and added 2" on each back bodice side for the shirring.

The bodice was lined with a stretch cotton and used satin bias binding to do a hong kong finish on any exposed seams

Self fabric piping

I'm loving this fabric, lots brighter than what I normally wear, in fact I think its the only pink item of clothing I own!


  1. I love your top, just what I have been looking for for our hot summers here in Perth. What a great idea with the shirring, something I haven't tried yet even though I have all the supplies on hand.

  2. This fabric is young and fun, great choice for you!!! And cool for summer...

  3. Waikikimum - give shirring a go! It's so easy and makes tops/dresses so comfortable to wear. Plus its a really common thing in RTW here in SA at the moment.
    Doobee64 - Thankyou :)

  4. stunning fabric hun. I was just looking for versions of this dress and loved your top version

  5. WOW!!! really really nice workmanship!!
    Found you on PR!