Friday, April 26, 2013

McCalls 5525: Rose peplum trench


I love trench coats! I like how you can make them fit loose but then cinch them in with the belt, the perfect blend of flattering comfort.
The fabric is sateen from Spotlight, I've had it in the stash for awhile not really sure what to make out of it. It alwasy screamed a full skirted 50's style dsress but since I never seem to wear them a nice floral trench seemed the go.

Pattern adjustments;
Same as last time; I used a sz 18 with a 1.5" FBA and (from memory) about 1" to the back width and arm width.
 I added the peplum onto the back, its about half a circle skirt. 
I lined the peplum before sewing it on, I've tried bagging out the lining on a a jacket with a peplum before and found the lining hangs down and the peplum doesn't sit right.

I did bound buttonholes.

Single welt pockets
The lining is just plain black with flat piping around the facings.

I've got a lot of excess at the back of the sleeves/upper back again. I've had this happen on a few jackets, I have pinned it all out in the past but then found it restircted arm movement and since it drives me nuts to have to take jackets off to drive I left it alone. I have a theory its because I do a wide back adjustment out of FFRP and then gather the excess when I sew the shoulder seams together, it seems to leave excess sitting there in fabrics that won't ease out easily like a wool.
I noticed it as well on The Great British Sewing Bee and Patrick said you need seom excess to allow for movemnt so I feel a lot better! On that topic, I love that show and am so gutted its finished, bring on the next season!

I couldn't get this to photograph properly, all the pics came out overexposed and I adjusted the colour and now they are a bit too saturated, grrrr, anyway the background is black and the roses are a nice blue toned red btw. I've had this finished for the last week but these are the best pics I could get!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Simplicity 2250: Ponte Jacket

This top has to be the most perfect mix between a cardigan and a jacket! I passed over this pattern until I saw it on Sew Brunswick and thought it looked great.

I did a 1" FBA on a sz20. The pattern doesn't have side seams, it has side panels instead so I ended up cutting them in half, doing a standard princess seam FBA on the front half and then taped it back together.

The fabric is a ponte knit that I got on the Melbourne sewing trip. I really wish I got more because it is a great fabric and hasn't pilled like the cheap pontes I get from Lincraft (even though it was actually cheaper!)

The pattern has you use a self fabric for binding around the edges but the ponte I used was way too thick for that so I used a cotton bias binding instead

I added a button to the front instead of having the tie belt that came with the pattern. Its ended up a little off centre because the fronts are wide to allow for the tie belt so I had to put the button across too far. After I took these pics it annoyed me enough that I skimmed some off the side seams and moved the button across but am too lazy to take new photos, sorry!

I'm really happy with how it turned out. I have a real thing for jackets but just never wear them so I like how this looks more like a jacket but has the comfort and ease of wear that a cardigan has.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Joel Dewberry Avairy Stars Quilt

These photos don't do the quilt justice, its a lovely rich mix of purples and mint green with the light grey sashing.

The fabric is mostly Avairy 2 by Joel Dewberry. I got it from lilybellafabrics on etsy last year and the grey is Prima fabric from Spotlight.

Pattern is from Moda Bakeshop - The Charming Stars quilt

I'm really happy how it turned out, I've held onto this fabric for the last year and not really been sure of what to make with it. I love all the colours and the little squares with the birds on them. The quilt itself was really easy to sew, its all straight lines and came together really quickly.

The back is pieced out of all the leftover fabric, I had just enough to piece the year and a couple strips.

I quilted it with a free motion stippling design on my new machine.

Let me introduce my new baby; Janome 1600p-qc.

She's an absolute beauty, its a straight stitch only machine, no bells or whistles but it does a beautiful straight stitch and is so fast - 1600 stitches per minute! I had a bit of trouble with it skipping stitches when I free motion but it was the Guttermann thread I was using, once I switched to Mettler its been fine.

We picked up the desk for $10 at St Vinnies and inset the machine into it plus I gave it a good coat of paint. I've been having some shoulder and neck pain when sewing lately and as far as I can tell its been because the machines been too high plus its so much easier to quilt with a flat smooth bed.

To inset it we traced around the machine and used a jigsaw to cut out a hole then screwed together the little shelf for it to sit in. Didn't take very long and its the ultimate quilting table now!

And finally a couple kitten pics. What is it about cats and newly made quilts/clothes or even just clean fabric, I can never get them off mine!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

StyleArc: Wendy Pant

This pant is a pull-on stretch woven with a tabbed waistband. I used a stretch gabardine I got from a few months ago.
I got a sz20 pattern and added to the front and back inner legs but given how stretchy this fabric was I don't think I needed it. I added to the back rise and scooped out the front.

I followed the instructions for the waistband but if I sewed them again I would do it differently - I'd sew the waistband and facing as one piece then serge it onto the pants instead of fiddling around and putting the waistband on then the facing.

The waistband is meant to be held shut with Velcro but I didn't have any so did a couple of jeans buttons and buttonholes.

Sorry for the grumpy face!

I've worn these the last couple of days, they have stretched/bagged out a fair bit but still fit ok, not sure how this fabric will last as it already feels slightly pilled. I think if they were made out of a Bengalene they would wear better and if I make them again (which I think I will) it will be out of Bengalene.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Giveaway winners!

Using my high-tech method of paper and a cup I picked out the winners;

Giveaway 1;

and giveaway 2

I've just emailed you both :)