Monday, November 30, 2015

Cake 0144: Tiramisu Dress

I'm on a stash busting mission at the moment so sewing through what I have - I got this jersey from Rathdowne Fabrics a year or two ago. Its got great recovery and is a nice medium weight.
I've made this dress a couple of times now but mostly with crappier knits so this dress should *fingers crossed* last a lot longer.

Because this is only a medium weight, I wanted the waistband to have more heft to it so I cut 2 and interfaced them both with a weft interfacing. This gives it a lot more stability and helps it sit smoother when wearing the dress.

I did my same adjustments as last time - the back is a 45, front is a 40D and the waistband/skirt is a 42.5". I extended the sleeves by 1.5" and widen them slightly by about .5".
Except I added to the bust length, this pattern is meant to be sewn without having to add a FBA but I found with me the length through the bodice I just way too short.

I got myself a coverstitch machine this year, talk about a learning experience with it though! I've been using serger thread and had it skipping stitches a lot, I've swapped over to proper poly machine thread now and it seems to be stitching a lot better. I used the coverstitch on my hems and bindings.

I've had a huge sew-jo drop in the last couple of months, this dress is not my best sewing (the waistband doesn't line up perfectly on the side and I should have cut the pockets out with a better stripe placement) but it was nice to just sew without stressing out about the little things!