Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 of 2013: Hits

I actually really like these top 5 posts (started by Gillian at Crafting a rainbow)that have been popping up lately, its a nice way to reassess what we sew and actually wear.

So the Top 5;

1.Vogue 8774: Jeans

I wear these so much!

2. StyleArc: Palazzo pants

I've actually made 2 more pairs of these in a black ponte (unblogged about) and they are my go-to work pants, comfy and smart and so easy to wash and wear!

3. Colette 1020: The seaside dress

I wore this as my Christmas dress to both my Dad's and the in-laws.

4. Cake 0144: Tiramisu Dress

The fabric has worn/pilled/stretched out a  bit now but its still such a comfortable dress, I really have to remake it once I find the right fabric!

5. The copycat dress: Newlook 6048 vs Cake 0169

I love this dress, it just all came together perfectly.

 I've sewn less this year, but made more wearable garments (still had a few wadders or garments that I just don't wear though, but I think we all get that even when you buy all your clothes). I made my first Men's coat and made a lot of quilts but most importantly I'm still really enjoying sewing!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Newlook 6243: The Sailaway dress

Another copy cat dress!

This fabric was the closest I could find (from Lincraft) and I'm still using up all the red piping I got for my copycat Hellbunny dress!
Adjustment wise: I cut a sz 20, and adjusted the princess seams using the Colette Éclair bodice (basically a 1" FBA). The bodice has about 1" taken out in length. I added seam allowances to the skirt on centre front and back so I could cut it on the chevron.
The fabric wasn't really the best choice, its a bit too thin and stiff at the same time and the piping was a bit too stiff so I redid the bodice about 4 or 5 times I reckon trying to get it to not stick out and sit the end I had to leave it a week before I could look at it again!

The back is shirred, I ran out of fabric so had to piece the side back pieces. The original pattern pieces are quite curved at the sides and I wanted them straighter.

I added pockets using my trusty Simplicity 2588 pattern piece and lined the bodice with cotton poplin.

Its a tad loose, especially on the waistband but should make a nice cool summer dress. I'm hoping a couple of washes will make it softer too.