Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 of 2013: Hits

I actually really like these top 5 posts (started by Gillian at Crafting a rainbow)that have been popping up lately, its a nice way to reassess what we sew and actually wear.

So the Top 5;

1.Vogue 8774: Jeans

I wear these so much!

2. StyleArc: Palazzo pants

I've actually made 2 more pairs of these in a black ponte (unblogged about) and they are my go-to work pants, comfy and smart and so easy to wash and wear!

3. Colette 1020: The seaside dress

I wore this as my Christmas dress to both my Dad's and the in-laws.

4. Cake 0144: Tiramisu Dress

The fabric has worn/pilled/stretched out a  bit now but its still such a comfortable dress, I really have to remake it once I find the right fabric!

5. The copycat dress: Newlook 6048 vs Cake 0169

I love this dress, it just all came together perfectly.

 I've sewn less this year, but made more wearable garments (still had a few wadders or garments that I just don't wear though, but I think we all get that even when you buy all your clothes). I made my first Men's coat and made a lot of quilts but most importantly I'm still really enjoying sewing!


  1. love these makes!
    Mary in Thailand

  2. You have made so many wonderful things this year, congratulations!!

  3. The garments you highlighted are awesome but your last paragraph says it all, that you're still enjoying sewing! Let me tell you I've enjoyed watching and reading about your makes too and look forward to the garments you sew in 2014! Happy New Year!

  4. Those garments are all impeccable! Well done! I'm writing my first Top 5's this year. I always have enjoyed reading everyone lists! Looking forward to seeing what you make in 2014!

  5. First, I love your blog! #5 is my favorite, though you make a lot of beautiful garments! Best wishes going forward into 2014. I hope to see more great things from you.

  6. Happy New Year! I think you make such fantastic stuff and to me it all looks to fit so well!

  7. Love your makes, especially your pants. The work pants are fantastic! I really need to get back to the pair I was working on last spring, and make those adjustments you suggested. :) Happy 2014 Suzy! Looking forward to another year of sewing (both watching and doing)!

  8. What a great sewing year! You achieve great fit in very stylish clothing styles. All the best for your sewing in 2014!