Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simplicity 2345: Another cowl top!

Since I've been wearing the last version a lot I figured why not make another one! I picked this fabric off the clearance table, its a polyester dry knit that has a lace type print on it.

Not much more to say! Its a really quick sew and I like how it looks under a cardigan :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get Creative 2002: long sleeve version

Another shirt version - these are so quick to sew up!
I made a couple of changes - a front placket instead of facings, I made it longer and a sz large this time, which fits a lot better through the shoulders/chest and lengthened the arms by 4".
The material is a cotton poplin off the clearance table at Spotlight (surprise, surprise, lol) and the buttons were off the clearance table - I stocked up on a few basic buttons, it always surprises me how dear they are so I like to grab them when they're out cheap.

I did a better job on my flat felled seams this time because I used a ditch foot for the top stitching so its a lot neater and my cuffs and collar attachment is neater too, but still room for improvement.

My son is still wearing it so I count it as a win, but he wants it as a Pj top whereas I like it as a proper shirt, but I suppose at least its getting worn! I got a nice bright plaid for the next version which hopefully will be a dress shirt for him.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Get Creative 2002: Boys Shirt

I bought this pattern out of the clearance bin at Spotlight when I first started sewing, I've never heard of the pattern brand (I think it might be one made by Spotlight?) but it was well drafted and the instructions were pretty good.

I made the kids button up shirt (it also has men's sizes and a cargo pant in the pattern). I made a Medium with added extra width to the sides and arms and originally made long sleeves but they were way too short so they got cut off!
I followed Male Pattern Boldness's shirt sewalong instructions for the flat felled seams and construction, worked a treat - a lot easier than I thought honestly!

First time matching a plaid, took a bit of fiddling at the start and one side doesn't match perfectly but the front is pretty good.

Its a little tight through the chest so next one I'll make a Large and I want to change the front facing to an attached placket like in Simplicity 1941, it just folds back and is top stitched.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Simplicity 2345: Cowl top

Third time lucky!
First time using this pattern I made a sz22 with a 1" FBA rotated out into the cowl. This made the neckline way too low and made the whole top too big. Second time I made a standard sz22 which fit pretty good, but the armholes were too tight and I found the facing was too high, hit straight across the bustline so you could see it. So this time I made a sz 22 with an inch added to the length, about 1cm scooped out of the armholes and I added about 2" to the facing length so it falls under the bust.

It's a very quick make, only a couple hours and its very easy. I used the leftover wool blend knit that I used on my Renfrew top Its a lovely material to wear, I'm hoping to stash a heap more next time I head to Melbourne.

(Its been way too cold here to take pics without a cardi over the top - I had to time my pics inbetween showers of rain!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simplicty 1941: Short sleeve shirt

I'm on a bit of a shirt sewing thing at the moment - I sewed one for my son last night (still to be blogged) and so I thought I'd finish this one off - its been sitting in a drawer half finished for a couple of months. I inserted a sleeve realised how much I didn't like the pleated sleeve heads and stuck it aside.
Its version B of S1941, one of the amazing fit patterns. Is it just me or do they never fit right plus I can never work out which size to start with. So I traced off a B cup and did my normal 1.5" FBA instead on a sz20. I deepened the back darts by 1/2" and extended them, even after pinning them while on me (or trying to at least) I still have a lot of fabric puddling in my lower back so the next version I want to try eliminating the back darts and sewing a channel and threading through elastic - I saw it on a RTW shirt and it worked really well.
Its ended up a bit shapeless, looks fine with the belt but feels quite loose without, again I think adding an elasticated back next time will help that and I might end up doing that to this shirt as well.

The sleeves come with quite deep pleats, I found them to be way too big and made the sleeve head puff up a LOT.....I ended up cutting nearly 2" off the top of the sleeve cap to try and get them to sit smoother. For some reason I had sewed and serged the side seam allowances before I left it so I couldn't put them in flat without unpicking a lot, it would be a lot easier to do them flat and would turn out a lot nicer and smoother.

I used a stretch poplin, it doesn't seem to stay pressed very well though, and inside I just serged the seam allowances, nothing fancy!

This version was really turned into a bit of a practise go, gave me a good feel for the pattern and what to change next time and I've already picked out a really nice soft plaid for next time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vogue 8751: Sailor Pants

Another version of 8751: I've been liking the whole sailor trousers thing, but the flap at the front kind of reminds me of a nappy, so I thought I'd play around a bit with this trouser pattern;
I changed the zipper to a side zipper, originally I did it as a lapped zipper but it added a bit of bulk and looked odd, so I used a invisible zipper instead. I cut the waistband down (and matched it terribly on the sides, I mean geez!)

I dropped my pockets lower and moved them more towards the centre front so I could add the buttons.

I used a stretch crepe and faced the waistband with stretch sateen. Thinking about it now I should have just made a standard version of pants, the button detailing looks cool, but I never tuck my top in normally so no-one will ever see them! But it was fun planning it out and the crepe was surprising nice to sew, didn't like being pressed though.

I did the no-fail welt pocket out of Jackets for Real people

I've been mostly happy with my pants, but a few things still annoy me with them, I get wrinkles at the back (though that seems to depend a lot on how I stand) and I'd like them tighter through the waist but when I do that it causes wrinkles at the front. I'm planning on getting a pants block made by Steph at 3 hours past the edge of the world in a couple more weeks, I can't wait to have a go at it and just get some help with fitting from someone instead of out of a book!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

More cot quilts

It seems like everyone I know is pregnant at the moment (though thankfully, not me!). I've started making cot quilts to set aside ready for the babies to be born. Same pattern as last time,

This one using Robert Kaufmann's Urban Zoologie range

Walk in the woods by Moda

Sophie by Moda

and this one was just some Spotlight fabrics I liked, I can never resist spots!

Still have a few more to make, 3 of my cousins don't know what they're having so I want to have a girl and boy quilt put aside ready.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

McCalls 5525: Shauntung trench progress

After the success of the Violet trench and how much I wear it, I wanted a dressier version of it and when I saw this cotton Shantung on the clearance table I snatched it up!

Same details as last time, the fabrics a lot thinner this time though and was harder to get the bound buttonholes looking as nice, they're a bit dodgy at the edges. I used a rat tail cord to cord the buttonholes to give them a bit more body.

Lining's a silk satin and I've made piping from the satin side of the shantung

Buttons are from Judiths (Hubbie's great nan) stash.

I'm hoping to get a big chunk of it finished over the weekend. I've been really enjoying sewing in my new room this winter, its so warm with the heater and so nice to look out at the rain, such a difference compared to sewing out there last year!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Burda 8/2010 #140 : Dress

Finally I've made a burda magazine pattern! I wanted a date night/going out dress and found this dress in a Burda magazine (its also here for download). I've had this ponte knit in my stash for a while, beautiful stuff to wear, skims all those lumps and bumps while still being so comfortable to wear! That back seam needs another press though (why do I never notice these things until after I take the photos!)

I made a sz 48 with a 1.5" FBA thats rotated into the bust gathers. I do wish I'd added more length, I haven't hemmed the sleeves or skirt because its bordering on too short for me as it is.

The pattern calls for facings at the neckline but I just turned and stitched, was going to use bias binding but I think this knit is stable enough not to need it, we'll see how it goes over time I suppose!

So all in all, it was very quick to sew, extremely comfortable to wear plus I think its flattering and I think walks the line between being dressy while still being work safe.