Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get Creative 2002: long sleeve version

Another shirt version - these are so quick to sew up!
I made a couple of changes - a front placket instead of facings, I made it longer and a sz large this time, which fits a lot better through the shoulders/chest and lengthened the arms by 4".
The material is a cotton poplin off the clearance table at Spotlight (surprise, surprise, lol) and the buttons were off the clearance table - I stocked up on a few basic buttons, it always surprises me how dear they are so I like to grab them when they're out cheap.

I did a better job on my flat felled seams this time because I used a ditch foot for the top stitching so its a lot neater and my cuffs and collar attachment is neater too, but still room for improvement.

My son is still wearing it so I count it as a win, but he wants it as a Pj top whereas I like it as a proper shirt, but I suppose at least its getting worn! I got a nice bright plaid for the next version which hopefully will be a dress shirt for him.


  1. Great shirt - excellent work on the seams. Very groovy fabric!!

  2. Another shirt!!! Do you ever take time to breath??? Your little man looks stunning, again.....

    1. Lol, thankyou! Because its such a small shirt its so quick to put together, plus no fitting!

  3. That is such a cool print for a little boys shirt. I can understand why he likes it. Unfortunately my little boys are all grown up and prefer RTW.