Thursday, June 21, 2012

Simplicity 2345: Cowl top

Third time lucky!
First time using this pattern I made a sz22 with a 1" FBA rotated out into the cowl. This made the neckline way too low and made the whole top too big. Second time I made a standard sz22 which fit pretty good, but the armholes were too tight and I found the facing was too high, hit straight across the bustline so you could see it. So this time I made a sz 22 with an inch added to the length, about 1cm scooped out of the armholes and I added about 2" to the facing length so it falls under the bust.

It's a very quick make, only a couple hours and its very easy. I used the leftover wool blend knit that I used on my Renfrew top Its a lovely material to wear, I'm hoping to stash a heap more next time I head to Melbourne.

(Its been way too cold here to take pics without a cardi over the top - I had to time my pics inbetween showers of rain!)


  1. Your top looks like a great staple for winter. Thanks for the fit details.

  2. This is a great top and now I have to look at this pattern again because you've been so successful with it.