Monday, June 18, 2012

Vogue 8751: Sailor Pants

Another version of 8751: I've been liking the whole sailor trousers thing, but the flap at the front kind of reminds me of a nappy, so I thought I'd play around a bit with this trouser pattern;
I changed the zipper to a side zipper, originally I did it as a lapped zipper but it added a bit of bulk and looked odd, so I used a invisible zipper instead. I cut the waistband down (and matched it terribly on the sides, I mean geez!)

I dropped my pockets lower and moved them more towards the centre front so I could add the buttons.

I used a stretch crepe and faced the waistband with stretch sateen. Thinking about it now I should have just made a standard version of pants, the button detailing looks cool, but I never tuck my top in normally so no-one will ever see them! But it was fun planning it out and the crepe was surprising nice to sew, didn't like being pressed though.

I did the no-fail welt pocket out of Jackets for Real people

I've been mostly happy with my pants, but a few things still annoy me with them, I get wrinkles at the back (though that seems to depend a lot on how I stand) and I'd like them tighter through the waist but when I do that it causes wrinkles at the front. I'm planning on getting a pants block made by Steph at 3 hours past the edge of the world in a couple more weeks, I can't wait to have a go at it and just get some help with fitting from someone instead of out of a book!


  1. wow, great pair of pants/trousers !

  2. These trousers are fantastic and that welt pocket is perfect!

  3. I too have been thinking about sailor pants but mostly because I have a thing about BUTTONS. Love yours!

  4. Super fitting. The detail is stunning too.

  5. Ahoy there matey! Love me some Sailor Pants, they look great - love the pink lining!