Monday, December 5, 2011

Restyle Week: RTW tops

I feel like I've lost my sewing mojo this week, I've made a couple muslins (Colette Jasmine which I decided I just don't really like on me after 3 muslins.....), and written a list of future sewing projects but nothing is really grabbing my fancy so I thought I'd take a page out of Patty the snug bug's book and do a restyle/flop fixing week

I've been making a lot of dresses lately, but when I stopped and really thought about what I wear it's nearly all pants/jeans and tops, I have a few pairs of pants now but only a couple good tank tops, and they're knitted so will be fairly hot coming into summer.

So for the first restyle I have 2 lovely tops (one in gray and one in black) I bought a couple of years ago but have never really worn, looking at them now I realise the proportions on me are way off, they seem to make me look short and a bit shapeless. So I cropped them off and used some hemming tape then double stitched the hems. I'm still contemplating sewing the front satin panel down as its separate to the rest of the top , but I'll see if it annoys me.



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