Friday, December 9, 2011

Restyle week: McCalls 5859 and a Giveaway!

This was the first jacket I ever made. Its not bad seeing as I did no adjustments to the pattern at all, if I made it again I'd do a FBA and cut a size smaller to fit my shoulders better.
I like a bit of gathering on the shoulders but this jacket is a bit too exaggerated for me and I never wear it, so I unpicked the sleeves and cut the sleeve head smaller then sewed them back in again. I actually think i cut them down a bit too much, if I make it again I'll split the difference and still have some gathers.



Pattern Details; McCalls 5859

Description: Close fitting lined jacket with peplum, lapel and collar and optional pockets. Two sleeve variations to choose from

Fabric Used; Corduroy for the main fabric and sunsilky (rayon) lining.

Size: I made a straight 20.

Will you make it again: Yes I might, I want to adjust the pattern though before I'd make it again (FBA and adjust the wrinkles out of the lower back).

After all this restyling I have a couple of patterns I'm not going to use so I thought I'd have a giveaway.
All you need to do is comment on this post and pick which pattern you'd like out of Colette Jasmine Blouse or McCalls 6350 and next week I'll pick a random comment for each pattern and post them out (I'll post international), see if you have better luck with them than did!! Please make sure I can contact you through your comment :)


  1. well done on the jacket.. not bad at all for 1st time...You should be proud!
    I cannot decide which pattern.. they are lovely... you are so generous.
    Im a dress girl but im too tall for a petite pattern... so Its gotta be the Colete Pattern. fingers cross ! xx

  2. You know, I have really enjoyed your restyles this week. Both a great patterns, you have fab style, but I am putting my hand up for the Colette pattern. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Still love the colour of this jacket - glad you could 're-fit' those sleeves. For me it would have just sat in the 'to bad so sad' pile of rejects. Did you have to re-do the lining on the sleeves as well - huge job either way???
    Would enjoy giving the dress ago (for the daughter, that is) as I think it has interest on the bust area with the pleats.
    So, what is your next Restyle Garment???

  4. I thought the more gathered sleeves looked great and in proportion with the jacket! I also love the color and I am completely impressed with your ability to do all those adjustments even after you had it made! As far as the giveaway goes...I gotta have thast Colette pattern! I've recently become obsessed :)

  5. I was already quite enamored with your blue Truffle dress and I love this jacket too! I want to make a jacket similar to this one. I love the color. For the giveaway, I'd take the Colette pattern.