Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lekala 5927 Shrug

I've been looking for a simple shrug pattern to wear with my dresses to work, I can't seem to find any in the shops and I tried out McCalls 5006 but wasn't happy with the way it sat in the front. Anyway, I found out about Lekala patterns last week and lo and behold they had the perfect shrug pattern! The website is a little bit harder to navigate than burdastyle (it's all translated from Russian, so the shrugs are actually under 'tailcoat'!), and to download the patterns you need to purchase 'credits' then order the patterns (It only worked out to around 50c Australian for a pattern but you need to buy a minimum of 10 credits). Also the patterns aren't multisize, you enter in your measurements then are emailed a pattern drafted to your size! I followed Fehr Trades tutorial which made it all a lot easier!

I'm really happy with the pattern - very well drafted and I found the sizing to be spot on. I did have to adjust the arms by adding extra width but I have to every pattern I make. The instructions however were terrible! After I found them finally (they are under the pattern picture as 'technical description'), it's all written in Russian and even with google translate I couldn't make heads or tails of them! I ended up using the pattern drawing and the notches on the pattern to work out what went where! Once that was sorted though, it only took a few minutes to overlock it together - I set the sleeves in flat then did the side seam/arm seam in one, and used fusible hem tape on the sleeves which is the only hem left exposed. It was so easy I'm planning on making one for each dress I make from now on, no more wondering what to wear them with!

So I definately recommend Lekala patterns, lots of great designs plus they're nice and cheap, as long as you can get by without instructions!


  1. Well you learn something new every day - I have never heard of Lekala patterns before now. Is that a stretch fabric you used??? Certainly is a pretty colour.

  2. Its all new to me too - I had seen them mentioned around on the pattern review forums and then on Fehr Trade. The website's a bit budget, I think I would have written it off as a dodge site if I hadn't seen it up on her blog! and the fabric is a ponte double knit (from the clearance table at spotlight - I should just set a swag up next to it and sleep there, lol!)