Thursday, December 1, 2011

Burda 6011; Bella Jean Shorts

This pic is the most accurate one of the colour (except I look like Earl Hickey, lol)

This is my TNT jean pattern - I've made it 6 times so far and I just love it. It was the first pattern for pants I made and I was so lucky that it fit so well because back then I had no idea how or when to make adjustments. This is a straight sz 46 with the pockets changed (I made them deeper) and the waistband shortened to sit at my natural waist.

I saw this fabric at the clearance table at spotlight (I kinda stalk it a lot!) and seeing as it was stretch denim down from $29.95m to $4 I grabbed a couple of meters. Bright denim is really popular down here for summer so I thought I 'd make a pair of shorts. I took in the sides a bit as the jeans pattern is fairly wide legged. They have some wrinkling around the front as if they're too tight, but they don't feel it when I'm wearing them and as they've already started to stretch out I didn't want to do them too loose as I've ended up unpicking and tightening up each pair of denim pants I've made so far!!

I wanted these to look more like proper jeans so I changed the back pockets to look more like jeans,

added rivets and got rid of the pleats in the front and made the front pockets curved and a lot higher up. Plus I added some top stitching to pretty well everything and did double top stitching down the crotch and inner leg seams. I was thinking about trying felled seams again but I've only ever played around with them once and before I have another go I think I might get myself a flat felled seam foot for Xmas!

I used my Prym pliers again and set rivets and the jean buttons in (seriously if you can, get one, it makes putting them in so easy compared to using a hammer).

I used a normal zipper

The pattern has a pocket stay drafted into it already

and I used some sateen from a wadder dress to face the inside of the waistband

And this isn't exactly sewing related but my cat say's hi!


  1. What a colourful surprise on the inside - love it!!! And a bargain from Spotlight is always worth grabbing, they are often overpriced in the first place. You will get a heap of wear out of these over summer. Great work - as usual!!!

  2. Thanks! And I agree about Spotlight - I did a trip over to Melbourne a few months ago and the fabric over there was a lot cheaper and the quality was a lot better!