Friday, October 28, 2011

Newlook 6048

We had a couple of nice hot days last week which got me all excited about Summer getting here so I thought I'd make another dress (of course its raining again now!).
I've made Newlook 6048 once before, in a gingham with the original neckline. This one is inspired by Gerties gorgeous Coming up Roses dress with the shirred back. I followed her directions on how to shirr and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I changed the original sweetheart neckline to be straight and used a bias strip

I've been lusting over the Lonsdale straps so I thought I'd convert these plain straps to tie in the back as well

The fabric is a quilting cotton, I feel like I've broken a big rule by using it, but I've got to say it sewed up beautifully, has a nice drape to it, and I can never resist polkadots let alone teal polkadots!

The shirring is great, makes the dress so comfortable to wear!

I finished off the bodice by lining the front with a cotton poplin

I originally bias bound the hem to then slipstitch it, but I liked the contrast of the bias binding enough that I left it, I figure I can always hem it up later

This is the last dress for a while, I really need to make some more pants. I got the material today and traced off Vogue 8751 and Hot Pattern 1054 I want to muslin them up over the weekend - I usually tissue fit then pin fit, but pants are a bit trickier and I'd rather take the extra time on them.

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