Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabric finds

I went op-shopping with my mum on the weekend :) I haven't had any finds for the last couple of weeks so it was good to find some decent fabric.

5.3metres of Black pure wool twill! Its only 1m wide but its still heaps to make a winter coat next year. It has this printed logo on the edge, its a bit worn, but seems to say 'Army Naval Twill'.

A gorgeous satin, 3 metres of it.

1m of this nice knit fabric, its enough to make a singlet for my daughter

What I think is rayon? It will probably be a jacket lining. 3 metres.

A nice yellow cotton, I'm thinking about making this into a Lonsdale dress but I only have 2.3m of it.

This is another wool, or maybe a wool blend? It looks ok up close but I'm not sure from a distance, it might just become a muslin for a coat.

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