Monday, October 24, 2011

Jenny Skirt; Burda 6058

(Geez, I look like I have linebacker shoulders in that pic!)

This is the second attempt at the Jenny skirt, the first I did out of a stretch ponte and it ended up looking too tight, so I added some width and did this one in a pinstripe stretch suiting that was given to me.

I had a lot of trouble fitting this, I think its because I have high full hips so I have trouble with a straight waistband, next time I make it I'll use the fitted yoke off my burda Bella Jeans.

It still has wrinkles across the front, so I think I need to add a bit more width there too. I ended up taking over 1" out of the centre front too (What Patty calls a tilted waist adjustment) (I promise I smile in real life too, I just can't seem to take a decent photo of myself smiling without looking like an overweight chipmunk, lol)

I added the vent following Sunni's tutorial I love the look of it and it was so much easier to do than I thought!

Bias binding to finish the waistband

Lace on the hem

This was my second skirt attempt this weekend, the first was McCalls 5591 which is a flared skirt with a straight waistband. I did it out a thin cotton though and it didn't sit down and just looked terrible. I should have used my beloved Sateen or maybe a denim and used a fitted yoke or no waistband, still I reckon I can reuse the material for a dress for my daughter. I'm thinking about getting Sewaholics Crescent skirt, it has the yoke waist and a nice flared skirt.