Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simplicity 4070

I made the size 18 with only a 1" FBA and about 1" extra back width.

I bought this fabric over in melbourne a couple of months ago and have been trying to pick the perfect pattern for it, I finally decided to have a go with Simplicity 4070, its meant to be an evening dress pattern but I think it looks fine as a day dress in sateen. It a lot more green in real life, it wouldn't photograph well for some reason.

Its a tad tight, I pin fitted it then basted the zipper in and tried it on, so I thought I'd be safe. I think it might be a combo of the piping not letting the waist stretch and the lining, even though I used a stretch poplin to line it always seems to tighten the bodice up. I'll wear it a couple of times to see if it loosens and if it doesn't I can unpick the zipper and add a bit of width.

Piping around the waistband, bodice and straps

I used lace to finish off the hem and used my favourite pockets out of Simplicity 2588 again!

Its nice finally having something to blog about, I've made my Mum 2 Lonsdale dresses that are just waiting on hemming and photos, and I've muslined up Vogue 8727 which reminded me why I hate gathered busts! and tried the 4th muslin of the Lonsdale dress for me. I've been using darts and am just not happy so I think the next try will be converting the darts into princess seams and hopefully that will fit better.


  1. Love your dress, it's so flattering and I heart the piping. The fabric is just gorgeous.

  2. Great job on the dress... particularly the piping. You certainly went to a lot of effort and time on this winner. Did you make your own piping (something I have never attempted)- it seems a perfect match colour-wise to the lining???

  3. Hi Doobee64, yep I make my own (lots easier than you think), have you ever read Cool Couture by Kenneth King? Its my bible for piping!

  4. Great dress! Don't you just love sateen? I hope that it gives a little so that you don't have to unpick!

  5. Hi Handmade, thanks! and yep I love Sateen, favourite material to sew and I love the weight of it in a finished dress! and I hope I don't have to unpick too! The last dress I made with Sateen (S2176) I've found after a couple of wears has loosened off so fingers crossed!

  6. that fabric looks fantastic on you. and such a great cut, too!