Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vogue 8751

Pattern description: High waisted, wide legged pants with side seam pockets and waistband variances

Size: I graded up to a size 20 at the waist/hips and down to a 18 at the legs

Material; I think it might be stretch bengaline? I got it ages ago at Lincraft and it is the stretchiest suiting material I've ever seen!

Pattern alterations; Not many, I scooped about an inch out of the front of the waistband. I actually think it needs a shorter waistband at the front as I think that might be part of the problem why I'm getting the wrinkles near the crotch.

I like that these have a nice high waistband, but I've had trouble with the side seam pockets gaping, but then they have in every pair of RTW pants I've bought. And I'm not sure why I'm getting the wrinkles at the crotch area, I can't find it in Pants for Real people, other than it probably means they're too tight, but I can grab a hand full of fabric so I don't think that's it. I compared them to my tried and try pants pattern (Burda Bella Jeans) and they have a longer crotch depth, so maybe that's it? Plus I think I might need to curve the crotch angle backwards?

I'll make these again, but they need a good inch or two or rise at the back and the front waistband narrowed down to make them sit better and me to work out what is going on with the wrinkles, I'm sure its something to do with the crotch (why do I feel like I;m saying crotch a lot, lol), but I'm just not sure what yet

I'm loving the zipper instructions, it went in so easy and looks so neat. Didn't include an underlap but I don't think they really neeed one.

I got a pair of Prym pliers from ebay a while ago and have been slowly getting the rivets, jean buttons and pant hooks from there too. This is the first time I've really used them and they are fantastic! If you've ever have trouble with squashing or bending hammer on fasteners, get a pair!


  1. Hi, Suzy! I have the same problem with pants and skirts. Try taking a scoop out of the front pants piece instead of the waistband. They fit pretty darn good otherwise! Great job!

  2. Thanks Kristin! I've been reading up over on Colette patterns Pant fitting cheatsheet, and she has about a flat tummy adjustment (huh, never thought I'd need that!), which you basically end up scooping out the front of the pants (like you said) and it changes the crotch angle more inwards, and then a full butt adjustment which raises the back of the pants, so I might give them a go this weekend and see how it goes!