Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vogue 8751 V2.0

So Vogue 8751, we meet again. After the last attempt I did a bit of reading up and found Colette Patterns Pants fitting cheatsheet
So I ended up doing a 2" full butt adjustment and a 1" flat tummy adjustment. Plus I got rid of the side seam pockets and drafted my own. I found with my Bella Jeans that if the pockets are straight across they don't gape

I ended up using Cotton Sateen for the pockets and waistband facing as I ran out of the Bengaline, I added a zipper facing just to neaten it up.

Plus I thought I'd add a pocket stay to help with any potential pocket gape, lots easier to draw up than I thought, and I like how it keeps the pockets in place.

All in all I'm really happy with them and I know I'll be sewing them again!


  1. Love the trousers. A great pair of no-nonsense pants. I have added the pattern to my ever increasing pattern wish list.

  2. I searched for people who have made this pattern and your blog came up.... Yay! I want to ask you 2 questions, 1. I will be making a pair of these, do you think that the pockets could be eliminated completely. 2. They look amazing on you, I however have a very hour glass figure, in other words my hips and thighs are well, very large. Since you have already made these, how do you think the pants would fit on a shape like mine. Should I make the pants part a pattern size bigger and use a smaller waist band or should I adjust my size pattern to fit my body type? I love the way they sit on you, very flattering!