Saturday, November 19, 2011

Colette Sewing Handbook: Truffle Dress

Pattern description: A line dress with a skirt ruffle overlay and a lined bodice

Fabric used; I was a crepe that I was given

Size: I made a 18 with adjustments. I made a 1" FBA then turned it into princess seams and ended up taking about an inch out of the back width. I also added about 2" to the length and scooped out the neckline deeper.

I loved the ruffle across the front of the dress when I first saw it in the book and was originally going to make this up out of a grey gaberdine that I have but after spotting the crepe I thought I'd use that. Well, this fabric had a definate ability to grow as I sewed, even after I stay stitched the neckline. So when I went to insert the lining it didn't match up very well and I still have some rippling down the zipper and on the very top of the princess seams that I'm not very happy with. It's slowly growing on me, straight after I finished it I thought about unpicking it all but I've calmed down a bit now and am starting to really like it!

So anyway, I really liked the construction method of this dress, of course I only read it properly after I'd finished D'oh!! If you follow the instructions (like I will next time!), the final seam you construct is actually the side seams, meaning there is no need for any hand stitching and its a very neat finish.

Now for the good stuff;

I added pockets!

The ruffle is just gorgeous

Piping around the neckline, armholes and waist

What I think is rayon lining (part of my husbands Grandma's stash she gave me, so much fabric!! All beautiful quality but I have no idea what half of it is, lol!)

Invisible zipper

Its a very pretty dress pattern, and I will make it again. There's so many options, it would look so pretty with a chiffon overlay, and I wonder about something like a sateen, it would be stiffer but I could iron it down a bit if it stuck out and maybe a knit - it would be so comfortable in something like a Ponte! Plus the ruffle would be so easy to add to any other dress pattern and I like how versatile it is - you can be worn to the office or just out grocery shopping.


  1. Thanks for posting.... I just received my Colette Sewing Handbook yesterday and was thinking of the truffle as my first project. Just starting tracing it off! Had similar thoughts as you on using a grey gaberdine, but am now pre-washing a red crepe having seen your version.

  2. Good luck with it - red crepe will look gorgeous when it's done!

  3. It's gorgeous! I loved the suggestion of using something with loads of body like tafetta or dupioni too. I just bout fabric for taffy and licorice today so very excited :)

  4. I wasn't so sure about the Truffle Dress but it looks so lovely on you. And that color is superb.

  5. Fantastic - the colour is gorgeous. I wondered how the flounce would go with a less than delicate fabric. It works on your version.

  6. Brilliant version of the dress - you certainly are working your way through the book. Was the ruffle cut on the bias to give it that great fall???

  7. Hi Doobee - the ruffle is cut in a semi circle and when you straighten out the curved top edge it falls into the pretty ruffle (hope that makes sense!!)

  8. Beautiful dress! I am thinking of this dress in a print for my 30th party...