Thursday, November 17, 2011

Colette Sewing Handbook: Taffy Blouse V2.0

Ok, second version of the Taffy Blouse - probably the biggest change I made was to use a knit for the main fabric and a chiffon just for the sleeves. I took a good 1" sway back adjustment and dropped the bust dart by an inch, graded in slightly at the waist and out a bit at the hips. I think I could have still taken more out of the lower back as I still have fabric pooling, and I need to readjust the bust dart up slightly, I think using the knit instead of a bias cut fabric changed the way it fits slightly, so I might trace one copy for knits and one for bias fabrics. I find this top a lot more practical and I know I'll wear it a lot more. I might bring the shoulders in slightly on the next version too as it has a tendency to slip around a bit.

I used hem tape for the first time, I couldn't find steam-a-seam that I see used a lot, so I got a cheaper version at Lincraft but it worked great! made stitching the hem and neckline a breeze and no rippling in sight!

I used a rolled hem on the sleeves and bias bound then turned and stitched the neckline, I probably could of got away with just serging and turning under though, but it does look nice and neat.

So I'm very happy, I saw a top nearly identical to this for sale for $59.95 at City Chic (Australian plus size shop) and I reckon I made this for under $3 - I found the knit fabric at the op shop 3m for $2 and the chiffon was on clearance at spotlight for $2 a metre and I barely used 30cm. Bargain!!

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