Monday, November 7, 2011

Bengaline Pants

Last year I had a wedding to go to and I wanted to wear black pants. I went to all the local shops and the only pair I found that fit and looked ok cost me $100 and were still too short, even after I dropped the hem as low as it would go. That was when I decided to start sewing, at least then I could make things to fit!
The pants I bought were made out of Bengaline and had a very high waist that could be left up or folded down, like a yoga pant. No zippers.
These are my copies, they are so comfy and fit beautifully, I'm really happy with them, and I can whip a pair up in an hour or two which is even better!

Waist left up

Waist folded down

I have some nice grey bengaline to make up into another pair - Spotlight has a $5m suiting sale so I went a little bit crazy and got a ton of suiting for more pants!

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