Tuesday, February 3, 2015

SBCC 302: Cosmo maxi skirt

I'd been contemplating this skirt for awhile and then I saw Thornberry's version and downloaded it straight away!
I've been wanting a simple pull on knit maxi for ages - I made up Simplicity 1616 (unblogged) which was ok.....but not swishy enough and it was really short. Agreeably this pattern is specifically towards petite so is too short as well but at least you know it before you cut it out.

Pattern Details:
Size 1XL
Added 3" to the lengthen line
Added 3" to the waistband height (I'm 5'7" and I like my maxi's to graze the floor)

Fabric is a spandex knit from Spotlight that's on sale (I bought a few metres of it and am thinking about going back for more!)

I am so impressed with this pattern - I never have to do this few adjustments and the fit is pretty spot on. I could potentially go up a size and I think I will for the next version but other than that its kind of perfect! And so swishy!

I do have a couple of nit-picks about the instructions though, I found the waistband attachment a bit confusing - there are no notches or markings on the pattern piece, I went with the grainlines to work out what was the sides and top of the waistband. The instructions on how to attach were a bit odd too.

But overall, highly recommended.


  1. Great skirt! I love the volume at the bottom, and especially your twirly pictures. :)

  2. Beautiful colour. What a fun, stylish skirt obviously it's a skirt to twirl and swish about in

  3. The skirt and color look great on you! Great job.