Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BurdaStyle 01/2013 #113: Layered jacket

I'm really not sure about this jacket. I loved the technical drawings and it on the model in the magazine but I'm not sure on me. Its quite a boxy jacket and the under layer is deceptively long, I cut it a lot shorter (probably a bit too short looking at these photos).

The chiffon under layer means the jacket slides around a lot so you are constantly pulling it back to sit at the front.
The instructions are atrocious as Burdas normally are, I winged it a fair bit on the construction and it all came together and looks pretty close to the drawing. I didn't add the back under layer because I didn't want to waste my chiffon!

Pattern Details:
Sz 44
1" FBA
Shortened the underlayer by about 5"
1" added to bicep width
Burdastyle Layer jacket

The main fabric is leftover spandex knit from my yoga pants and the underlayer is a scrap of silk chiffon from Spotlight. I'm really glad I used a scrap because the fabric is a lot more beautiful than I first thought and I have enough left to make a dress.

All in all, I wouldn't sew this again, if I wanted a style similar to it I reckon I'd make a simple cardigan style jacket more fitted with princess seams and then just sew in a scarf around the neck to get a similar look but would fit a lot better.


  1. Well, I love the chiffon! Very pretty. The jacket, I'm not so sure of either. It's cute, and I like the colours you chose, but the blue part almost seems too short, ya know? Take that with a grin of salt though, because I'm learning I'm personally not a fan of cropped tops/jacket/sweaters/etc. :) I love the built in scarf though - it's a good idea and would keep you from losing your scarf!

  2. I think this looks really beautiful! Lovely use of the different fabrics. But you know what you feel comfortable in, and there's no point wearing and sewing stuff that you don't like.