Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BurdaStyle Handbook Coat: Red version

I picked up this red wool coating on clearance the other week and thought I'd make my daughter another coat (I never wear red, comes from my last job which had a red t-shirt/jumper as the required uniform and I still hate the colour!)
I sized up on this version, making a 42 graded out to a 44 at the waist. Pinned the bust out a bit and narrowed the shoulders in by 1/2" (I still think it looks a bit wide?) , I cut the sleeve head a bit lower as well to make the gathers smaller.
Self made piping around the seams. I've been having trouble with my piping puckering up on the last couple of coats, seems I was stretching the bias strips too tight when sewing which was causing it. So this time I made sure not to pull when I sewed the cord in and I hand basted it to the coat first. Worked really well, no puckering this time!

Bound buttonholes and single welt pockets. The last version had the standard inseam pockets and she found them really small, too high up and too far back so these work a lot better. Buttons are plastic ones from Spotlight.

Lining is polyester satin

I've had trouble with my coat hems looking floppy and drooping even after interfacing them and ditch stiching so this time I used some fusible hem tape to help hold it up and looking neat. Probably not the most classic of tailoring techniques, lol, but it worked!

I must say I am glad to have this finished - this is actually the second coat I've made her from this material, the other was a wadder, lets just say from now on I am walking my pattern pieces before cutting!


  1. Your bound button holes look dreamy :) Love the bright red!

  2. Beautiful! I agree - those bound buttonholes look fabulous! Your daughter is a cutie in her new red coat!

  3. Wow, that coat is amazine. You are done a fab job with the piping and bound buttonholes. Your daughter is so lucky.

  4. Hey, Suzy, when I click on your next post for McCalls 5859:Wool Jacket, blogger tells me the page doesn't exist??? It might have a little glitch happening...
    Love this jacket for your daughter - she must feel as if she has her own personal sewing stylist...

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! Seriously really well done. Did you shorten it too? I'm trying to decide whether or not to make this coat but I don't love the length seen in the Burda book, but I LOVE the length of yours. It's just perfect. So am I going crazy or did you shorten it? haha

    1. Thanks Haylee! Yep it was shortened nearly by half and had the pleats rotated out into a A-line skirt with some extra width added for gathers. Good luck if you make it and I'd love to see some pics!

    2. Thank you so much Suzy! That was extremely helpful, thanks so much.