Sunday, August 5, 2012

McCalls 5859: Wool jacket

I have some beautiful velveteen I want to use for a jacket for my Mum so this is a trial run for fit and checking the pattern.
Its a sz12 with a 2" petite adjustment and a 1/2" narrow shoulder adjustment.
The fabric is a wool blend and I ended up using a cotton batiste for the piping - it was the closest match to the blue fleck through the wool.

The lining is sunsilky lining.

I am not really happy with the piping - I didn't interface the peplum and the wool is drooping slightly over the bottom line of piping, it seems more noticable on the hanger than when its being worn. This is the second time I've tried piping all around a jacket and not been happy with it, I think I'll try using bias binding to edge with next time I get the urge for piping!

I did the flat bias edging on the facings like I did on the herringbone coat. I added the back facing as the pattern doesn't come with one. Bound buttonholes (they really disappear in this fabric).

I think it ended up too short so the next version I'll make the peplum about 2" longer and theres some excess fabric on the sides so I might raise the waist by another 1/2"


  1. Gorgeous jacket. A trial? Wow, it looks really great.

  2. I love this jacket... I wish I could make one as well as this!

  3. Well your Mum looks mighty happy with this trial version. Can't wait to see the real thing...

  4. Very pretty jacket. Love the piping color and the blue flecks. You really made that work nicely.

    Next time understitch your piping once it is sewn in. I think that might help it from letting the innards peek out. Your jacket shows a lot of effort.

  5. Gorgeous, and the piping colour is great.