Monday, August 27, 2012

Mario Quilt Along: Yoshi

This is a block thats not included in the quilt along but my Son's favourtie character is Yoshi so I wanted to make him one.
Its about half again as big as the other blocks so I'm not quite sure how it will look in the end, I'd like to do this as a centre block and the smaller ones around the outside but will wait until they're all made and lay it out first.

I have been doing some normal sewing as well - I've started working on my pants block with Steph from 3 hours past and I've been working on a velvet jacket for my Mum.


  1. Ooh! I'd love to hear how your pants block is coming along. I ordered mine just recently from her and have received it... but yet to start!

    1. Its going really good so far - its so nice not to have to scratch my head and guess how to fix pants fitting problems, I just email her and she knows straight away how to fix it!! I can't wait to be able to pick a pants pattern and just sew it up rather than having to fiddle with the fit the whole time :)