Friday, May 4, 2012

Simplicity 2369: Button wrap top and Pants

Another version of 2369, this time I wanted to copy a RTW wrap top I had seen that buttoned up on both sides. After looking through my patterns I picked this one and decided just to do the buttons on one side. So I left off the tie and added a placket that I stitched the buttons to (they're non functioning).
I'm a bit iffy on it - I think the original wrap version is more flattering than this one, but its still wearable and it was only fabric from the Op-shop so no major loss.
Adjustment wise it's the same as the first time I made it , so a sz22 with a 1" FBA.

The fabric's a double knit that's a dusty purple, I used the back of the fabric as it was a bit darker and I like the zig-zag pattern that you can see if you look close. Buttons are a plastic pearl from my stash.

I made up the pants from this pattern as well.....I made the sz24 and didn't like the standard waistband at all, its just a sewn channel with 1" elastic in it. I never find elastic waistbands like that very flattering, so I cut them down a lot lower (about 3") and tried a contoured waistband with 3" elastic inside.
I'm not sure about them, the fabric's a bit too thin and I don't like the hip/waist area, too clingy and a bit lumpy - I've got enough lumps without pants making it look worse! The pattern itself is just a basic very wide leg pant, I think if I'd used a slightly thicker material they would be a lot more flattering, but they'll be ok as trackpants for at the gym and weekends.


  1. I love your button detail on your top, I must steal that idea. The pants look fine to me, I think we are our own worst critic. By the way your mum's jacket turned out lovely, way to go for perserverence.

  2. Niiice top!!! I love the wrap, and the fabric/colour look so comfy and chic at the same time. I agree, the pants do look nice, but I know what you mean about not feeling comfortable with thin fabric. Still, like you said, they're very wearable around and about.

  3. Oh, I have just the perfect the fabric for this! Oh, you sweet enabler! I love this.

  4. You are doing yourself a disservice - your top is great! It is flattering, unique and a lovely colour. Well done.

  5. Great top Suzy - LOVE the buttons