Monday, May 28, 2012

Giveaway winner and Liebster award

I'm happy to say that MaryNanna won the Minoru jacket - I've sent you an email :)

I was messaged by a couple of lovely ladies to tell me thay have awarded me the Liebster award. I have to admit I'm not a huge one for awards and feel a bit awkward passing them on so instead I'll just say a big thanks to;

Kristin from The funky seamstress - I'm still in absolutely in awe of her swimsuit sewing ability!

and Anna from Annabanana who makes the most beautiful versions of Colette patterns like this Rooibos and this Parfait

On the sewing front - I've made another cot quilt and finished off a String quilt that I'm yet to blog about. I've thread traced my Chanel style jacket and traced out a Burda dress and I still have the couture dress hanging over my head! I did buy some beautiful rose sateen fabric though that I'm thinking about using for Vogue 8648 before I cut the material for the Couture version.


  1. " I've thread traced my Chanel style jacket " - please explain?? Haven't heard of this before Suzy - what sort of technique is this? Love to learn.

    1. Hey BeaJay - The way I've been doing the chanel style jackets is out of Claire Schaffers 'Couture sewing techniques book', you make a muslin/toile then once its fitted cut it apart without seam allowances and it becomes your pattern. Then lay that on your fabric and using thread and a needle make a running stitch around the muslin which will be on the stitching lines. It means you can cut extremely wide seam allowances, like 2-3" which gives a lot of options when you actually sew it together, its so much easier to add to the side seams or make the armholes higher with that much of a seam allowance. This post was really helpful before I started the first jacket;
      Hope that helps!