Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simplicity 2311 - The Edward Jacket

Done! I had a grand idea to take photos up at our Blue Lake, I didn't count on how damn windy it was though!!

So back home again and I love this coat - I love the weight of it and the pure luxury of the satin lining!

I ummed and ahhed over what buttons to pick so much on this coat - I considered plain plastic ones and some silver ones but I liked these most in the end, they're actually cast resin/plastic not real woven leather.

Fit wise - Its pretty damn good - the armholes maybe a bit too high, but I want to wear it a bit and see if the movement it gives offsets the slight tightness. It doesn't get that cold here, so it didn't need to go over a lot of layers, and I like the fact with the half belt I can make it tighter or looser just by resewing on the buttons.

I did a hidden pocket again from Cool Couture and faced the back of the bound buttonholes the way the Tailoring books tells you - you cut a slit and then turn it under and stitch by hand around it. BTW I so did not pay the $292 that Amazon say's Tailoring is now worth! As far as I can tell it was reprinted here for a lot cheaper!

The lining is stretch satin from Lincraft.

This would have to be the biggest project I've done so far - it took the longest and probably cost the most, even considering I got the main fabric on massive clearance and the lining and interfacing half price. The wool was lovely to work with but the armoweft interfacing made a mess of my iron, even with using a presscloth! I'm still not completely convinced on the buttons, I actually liked the shape of the plastic ones more but they looked so, well, plasticy!
I'm really happy with how the tailoring elements worked out and I'll definately be doing them again. So now I have to go and finish the muslin for the Couture Dress that I started a couple of weeks ago!


  1. Gorgeous coat! The nice thing about buttons is they're easy to change!

  2. Fantastic job. Loving the lining and the buttons. Great tailoring. Makes me wish it was cold enough for a jacket like that here - but I run several degrees hotter at this age anyway. Excellent result.

  3. Suzy, this is so amazing! I'm fascinated at the different projects you're tackling. You should be very proud of yourself. This is a masterpiece! My grey wool coat I made in college is still at the very top of my sewing list, after 10 years!