Thursday, February 2, 2012

A year of Sewing

Simplicity 2601

Garments made in 2011
10 Skirts
15 Pants
13 Jackets
18 Dresses
14 Tops
8 bits and pieces

Total: 78!

McCalls 5936

I started seriously sewing around the end of January 2011, mostly because of sewing blogs. I discovered The Sew Weekly and Gerties Blog for Better Sewing while researching 1950's style clothing for a theme birthday party. The blogs made sewing seem so easy, just take it one step at a time, and the quality of the garments sewn was unfathomable to me then! Before that I had made the occasional bit of clothing for the kids, but I didn't have the patience or the access to help so it all seemed like it was way too hard and the stuff I made looked homemade not handmade.

NewLook 6058

So things I have learned;

  • Slow down! The way I used to sew is best described as Kamikaze sewing - smash the pedal flat and scream!

  • The weight, stretch and pattern on the fabric makes a massive difference as does the interfacing to the finished project

  • Lots of ironing - I don't iron in normal life except for when I sew, and I still can't believe the difference in finish quality.

  • Just because fabrics are cheap or pretty doesn't mean they will make a nice garment - most likely they'll end up in my stash gathering dust

  • Fit to me is the most important thing and is sometimes so hard to get right

Lekala 5927

Goals for this year;

  • Think before buying fabric - I want better quality fabric bought with a garment in mind

  • Learn more about tailoring, things like pad stitching, using sew in interfacing like hair canvas and bound buttonholes/welt pockets - there's an upcoming Craftsy course with Gertie for a suit jacket that I'm really looking forward too!

  • Have a go at a more couture garment, I've just signed up for the Craftsy course with Susan Khaljie on sewing a couture dress - I'll be posting more about this soon!

  • Keep on working on the perfect fit

Simplicity 4070

I still can't believe how much I love sewing. It's my escape and way to calm down. If I don't sew for a couple of days I start getting twitchy! Because of sewing I have a lot more confidence in myself which has a lot to do with having a range of well fitting clothing. Before I had a very small selection and could never seem to find anything that fitted right in rtw so its a real pleasure to have things for the first time in my adult life like a well fitted jacket and pants.

Simplicity 2176

So onwards 2012!


  1. you've only been sewing for a year? wow!! your sewing is really awesome!
    i learned a lot of the same things about sewing in 2011... especially about quality fabrics. I once read a commenter on male pattern boldness call poly charmeuse 'satan's own fabric.' so true!

    1. Lol, that cracks me up! Yeah I have to admit I dread sewing satin and am only now starting to sew knits, slippery little buggers to cut and sew!

  2. Wow - you have done a great job! I think it also adds to the confidence to know that you have created this.. Sad to hear about the "Satan's own fabric" - I have purchased a whole lot to use for lining! And I am with you about purchasing fabric with a plan. When I was trying to come up with looks for a mini wardrobe I found that with all of the fabrics I have purchased - not a lot of it goes together for an ensemble!!! Does this now mean I have to buy more fabric so that I can match!

    1. It's frustrating isn't it! I have some gorgeous cottons I bought before I realised I don't like wearing dresses with no stretch and the patterns are pretty, but one is white with massive pink flowers and I just can't imagine me wearing it! And as for buying more to match - any excuse to buy more fabric I reckon, lol!

  3. Very nice.. I love it... You did a great job.. The key to learning how to sew is practice. Practice makes perfect. Start with small projects like pillow cases, bed sheets and other items that need simple sewing. Little did you know, these items need pattern making and measurements too. These will train you on sewing and other basics. It will serve as your stepping stone in this business and help you succeed in learning how to sew.