Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sewing room progress

{Sewing room before}

I'm having a bit of a break from sewing at the moment - mostly because all my sewing stuff is packed away and my sewing room is a construction site!

{ Sewing room at the moment!}

We decided to turn my sewing area into a proper room - with decent lighting, dust/dirt proof and a reversecycle air conditioner - no more sewing in gloves in winter and melting in summer!

So far we've built the centre wall, removed the old cladding from the walls and started building in the rest of the timber walls. Still have to put in the front door, windows and timber the ceiling, then the electrican will install the powerpoints/lights and we can gyprock the walls and ceiling and put down flooring.

So no sewing for the next couple of weeks - instead all I've done is buy fabric and patterns lol!


  1. I am so envious - you lucky thing! I am still sewing on the dining room table and having to put it all away - maybe I'll give up my business and turn my office into a sewing room ;-)

  2. Good luck! Can't wait to see the oom!

  3. Oh lucky you. I had to pack my stuff up for a week and felt like I'd lost my right hand! How are you coping?

  4. Not coping well! I feel like I have so much freetime to fill, lol! And I am buying way too much fabric and patterns to use when I can start sewing again :)