Thursday, March 8, 2012

Still no sewing......

So, not much more progress on the sewing room - the electrician has come for the first fix and we pick up the rest of the timber needed tomorrow.
I have painted a cabinet that will hold a tv though - I mostly followed this tutorial I did have a lot of trouble with the paint sticking the drawers shut though, and if I did it again after I put the masking tape on I would cut around the drawers with a stanley knife and lift them out and paint them seperately. But it still looks pretty cool :D

And since I can't sew all I've done is buy.....

StyleArc patterns

My first order - I found the fabric a bit thinner than I expected, but it has a beautiful sheen to it and I love the fact I got 100% silk for $4 a meter!!

I've been reading up all my blogs and fell in love with Oh, Fransson! and have planned a couple of quilts - she makes it look so easy and I love the bright modern designs. So I have a few orders coming from my favourite etsy seller LilyBellaFabrics, like these Heather Bailey fabrics which will make a quilt for my sewing room;

Joel Dewberry fabrics for my bedroom

and some Robert Kauffman fabrics that will make a quilt for my son;

I'm also waiting on a couple of sewing pattern orders and a walking foot for when I make some chanel style jackets and have to quilt the lining....Yikes, I neeed my sewing machine and room back!


  1. Love the look of your silks.. Very nice - 2 are similar (or the same maybe?) as the ones I ordered and one completely different - can't wait to see what you make with them - great cabinent too. Still waiting for my silks. They are thinner than a wool would be because they are raw silk. Very nice feel though. I purchased some before.

  2. Also - am interested in how the style arcs go too..

    1. I think we did get a couple of the same silks :) They are so much more gorgeous in real life, they have such a nice sheen to them.
      I've made a style arc skirt before but no pants - and since everyone loves the stylearc pants I'm interested too - fingers crossed!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us your sewing projects. I know how much time and effort it takes to not only make a garment but also to write about it and post it on a blog. I am nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Head on over to
    collect the badge from my blog and display it on your page too. There are some rules that need to be followed which are listed on the post – Winners’ Meeting. Congratulations and thanks again. SewRuth.

    1. Thanks Ruth! I'm working on a post now for it :)

  4. I really enjoyed this entire post. The cabinet is fantastic. Its going to be a great piece in the room. I really enjoyed the wide-legged pants in your style arcs and can't wait to see them. All of your fabric selections are so happy and cheerful. I really like the ones for your bedroom quilt.