Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sewing room is finished!

The sewing room is finished!.....well mostly, still needs the door frames and doors painted, and the front door lock fitted, and the awning over the reverse cycle air conditioner finished off, and my cutting table and other desk put together and painted, shelving and a filing cabinet....but its mostly finished, lol!

We're picking up a small couch later this week to go in the corner opposite the tv, speaking of which - the tv is kinda massive, I bought it as an ex-rental clearance one and it was lots cheaper than a new small one, but it looks freaking huge in there!

I have plans to make a higher cutting table similar to this one, so when I cut I don't need to lean over so much, but the trestle is fine for the moment.

Theres so much left to sort out, I seem to have piles of stuff everywhere but I'm sewing tomorrow, Woohoo! I'll put more photos up when I have everything sorted :)


  1. To have your own sewing space is such a great luxury. Looking forward to seeing it all spruced up. It's looking great so far!

  2. So, are we going to have a i-sewing-room-warming-party!!! How great would that be!!!! You won't know yourself once this fantastic room is fully operational....

    1. That would be kinda great, wouldn't it!

  3. That is a great space. Nice work!

  4. Colour me green! That looks like such a great place to sew.

  5. Wow, the space looks amazing.

  6. We'll be looking forward to seeing what comes out of this great room.