Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sewing room progress - quick update

Walls and cornice are up, one window is in and the electricity is connected! I've started painting - done the ceiling and undercoated the walls. Getting there! The goal is to be in and sewing by Monday *fingers crossed*

Before undercoating

After undercoating and electricity connected!

I've got wooden floating flooring to go in, after having carpet for so long I'm looking forward to cleaning up all those bits of thread and pins a lot easier, and I have a couple of plain doors that will become my cutting table and sewing desk once I cut them to size and paint them.


  1. Progress is looking good - agree with the wooden floors - will make those pesky threads so much easier to get up. You will be sewing in no time.

    Honoured to be mentioned as one of your current faves - you are one of mine as well. Looking forward to seeing your next garment (first out of the new room!!)

  2. I am just soooooo jealous of this room, and it isn't even finished!!! I'm with BeaJay above, your first garment created in this new sewing room is going to be your best yet (is the room getting a name????)...

    1. Thanks Doobee - no name for the room yet other than my sewing room, just got to keep the kids out of there, my son wants it for a games room and my daughter's trying to talk me into letting her have it as a bedroom! I'll move out there before I let her, lol! And I have 4 brand new StyleArc patterns that are just calling my name to sew up first :)

  3. Ohh it looks great, what colour are you painting the walls?
    I was in your home town 2 weeks ago, its so pretty. I love your blog you make some beautiful things.