Saturday, January 30, 2016

True Bias 4101: Hudson Pants


These have to be the ultimate weekend pants, they are just so relaxed and comfy. I've been wanting a pair of casual trackies for a while and it came between these ones and the StyleArc Shelby pair. But it was this review of the 3/4 ones by Cookin' & Craftin' that made me download the pattern straight away!

 We are off to Japan this year (!!!!!!) so I've been quizzing my daughter about what everyone wears and flicking through the La Farfa magazine she brought me back after her student exchange last year. The biggest thing that's stood out to me is that you don't see many women wearing tight leggings, Amber took some over for sports and said she was the only one wearing them. So I'm on the hunt for comfy pants that I can walk in around Japan, wear to the Karate seminar we are attending and still look neat but that are a looser fit than I might wear normally.

These fit the bill perfectly and I plan on making many more :)

Pattern details;
I graded up to a sz 20 (my fabric has bugger all stretch in it)
Scooped out the front crotch curve
Added 2" of rise to the centre back, grading down to nothing at the side seams. I did this by 3 horizontal cut and spreads like what is shown in this great post (number 9 of alterations).

The main fabric is a terry that I got at a garage sale. The black highlights are a Ponte from Spotlight.


I love the pocket details, I added some topstitching to keep the bulky seam under control.

Anyway, great pattern with a couple of adjustments and really quick and easy to sew.


  1. These look fantastic! And you're looking super fit - keep up the good work!

  2. Cute!! I need to make myself some more cropped Hudsons... so comfy!

  3. These look great. Love the way you used the contrasting fabric.

  4. I think I need a pair of these - I seem to gravitate towards my running clothes lately and need something more respectable! I really like your use of the two colours and they look great on you!

  5. I love these! They have been on my must make list for months now. I am glad to know you like them so much you are making more.