Thursday, January 21, 2016

Colette Macaron 1001: Macaron dress


This poor pattern has been totally hacked and changed from the original this time. I sit a lot in my job and I found the original skirt was quite poofy when I was sitting but I also hated the full circle skirt version I made (I never even wore it after the photos, gave it to the salvos instead). This is maybe a 1/4 circle skirt and it seems to work really well.

I had trouble fitting this dress, it seems the combination of a changing shape and using a knit that has 4 way stretch made it too long. I'd basted it together for a try on and I'm glad I did because I ended up unpicking it more times than I'd like to admit to get it to fit better!
I changed construction order too - so the side seams were the last to be sewn up. This is my new favourite technique, makes it so easy to adjust at a later date.

Pattern details;
Size 12 knit yoke (got the idea from Patty the Snug Bug)
Size 18 bodice with the darts converted into princess seams
Skirt is from Newlook 6390

Fabric details; Sateen is from Spotlight and the knit is from GJ Discount fabrics. I'm slowly sewing through my stash!


  1. that is a fantastic dress, great ideas and it looks perfect on you. Love it.

  2. Great work on the modifications. The knit top must make it really comfy and the skirt has the perfect amount of flare.

  3. Oh it's gorgeous! Looks super practical too - I love the longer sleeves on it.

  4. Love this dress on you...very flattering. Great idea to use a knit with the cotton sateen. Must be nice and comfortable to wear.

  5. All the work was worth it, it looks really lovely. I think it looks so smart on you and I love the monochrome.

  6. One of the nicest Macarons I've seen. You look fab in it.

  7. Lovely dress. It really suits you.