Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Swoon Patterns: Scarf neck cardigan

I've been searching for a waterfall cardigan pattern for ages, I have a couple of RTW ones that I wear a lot to work that need replacing. I saw this pattern on Thornberry's blog and it seemed to fit all my wants plus a couple more - its a free download (!!!) and it has princess seams.

I cut a sz L and did a 1" FBA. I changed the hem to suit my RTW cardi's, I don't find long cardi's very flattering on me so I like them to sit shorter at the back and sides.

The fabric is a thin rayon jersey from Rathdowne fabrics, its sort of a grey/purple/brown colour.

I left the front centre hem raw and twin needled the bottom hem. I made it all on my serger except for the hem, its a very quick make!
It could do with the shoulders being narrowed next time, but its a casual style and I don't think its that noticeable.


  1. Great sewing ~ I'm off to download this pattern right now ... J

  2. Good call on the length, Suzy, and a very pretty color on you.

  3. I like this a lot! :) Great style/colour on you. Also, the whole outfit is fierce. Love the shoes.

  4. Ohhh this is a winner! The shorter length is great- long cards can be a bit overwhelming :D Also, tops colour on you!

  5. That's a gorgeous drapey cardigan, and the colour is lovely on you :)