Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kimono Dressing Gown.


I made this using a great tutorial here. I've used it before I started blogging and was really happy with how well it works.

I've had this fabric in my stash for ages, I got it thinking to make a dress out of it but its way too bright for me! Great for a dressing gown too, and being cotton its so much nicer in all this hot weather we've been having than the current polyester one I've been using!

Because its such simple shapes and no fitting I spent a bit more time on the seams finish. I flat felled all the seams, including the side seams which are on a right angle under the arms. Not sure what the proper method is in dealing with it so I cut them on a 45degree angle and then satin stitched over the raw edges.

I'm not really sure what the seam finish is called that I used on the neck and hem bands, its the same way that you sew the placket on the banksia blouse, and the same as sewing the waistband onto the Jalie jeans, makes a really nice neat finish and encloses all the raw edges as well.

I added a couple things on - pockets, belt loops and a belt and satin ties at the waist to keep it closed. It was a nice easy project though and another thing from my Autumn SWAP drawings plus it used up some stash fabric.


  1. That's better than you've get from Peter Alexander.

  2. SuzyBee that is gorgeous. I love the fabric and the flat fell seams. I really like flat fell seams but am always in too much a hurry to do them. Great meeting up the other week! It still hasn't stopped raining here - today was sunny quite a bit in comparison, but when I got out of uni at 7pm it was raining again. Sorry we put on the worst weather :(