Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Style Arc: Riva T-shirt and Becky Yoga pant

I got a lovely package of patterns in the mail last week, this top and 3 pants patterns (Becky yoga, Wendy pant and the Tori pant). I like buying from StyleArc, makes me feel all good supporting Australian pattern makers plus I really like their patterns!

Riva Tops:

I got this in a sz20 (about a size up from what I would normally order), it has zero ease and I wanted it to skim not fit too tightly. The only alterations I had to do was remove about 1cm from the front bodice shoulder seams and lengthen the sleeves and lower the neckline, otherwise this fit is straight out of the packet! It fits very similar to RTW on me, a bit of excess at the lower back and at the front of the armholes but nothing too major.

The grey material is Supplex from a recent order, its a surprisingly thick knit and sewed up beautifully, the black is a pique from Lincraft that I've had in my stash for ages. The pique isn't quite stretchy enough so tends to ride up at the neck a bit but the supplex fits really comfortably.

I always thought you needed a specific machine to be able to use a twin needle but on our Brisbane meet-up I learnt that as long as your throat plate will allow it you can use one in any machine (thankyou!). I thought it would be a fiddle around to use but it was so easy. I truly love the finished look and the stretch that it gives, no more popping stitches and its so quick to sew!
I was lucky enough to win a prize from Maria Demark for blogging  about the Day to Night drape top and part of it was a packet of twin stretch needles - bonus! She also sent some lovely knit material.

Becky Yoga Pants;

I had a beloved pair of Running Bare Yoga pants that have slowly disintegrated over the last decade. These are the closest fit I've found since so I'm pretty happy. I made these out of the leftover Pique from the tops, its kind of crappy, very shiny and not quite stretchy enough so I had to add to the sides. These are a sz20 with about 1' added to the inner leg on the back pattern piece and the crotch curves scooped out more. The original pattern has an elastic waistband, I did do it but didn't like the fit as much as a foldover one so I cut it off and added a wide band.

I did make another pair out of the supplex which fit a lot better (the fabric has a lot more stretch), but I can't find them at the moment so I couldn't get any pics! I swear I put them in the wash but for the life of me I can't find them.


  1. Hey I was looking at that Riva top as I like a raglan sleeve t-shirt. I may order a style arc too (not too soon - too many patterns and no time at the moment) but I like one of their dresses too. I can see the top fits really well as do those pants. Yeah for twin needles and meet ups!

  2. I also love Style Arc patterns. I'm looking forward to seeing you sew up the Wendy pant. I've made it twice now, the first was too big and the second too small, hopefully the third try will be like the porrige, just right!

  3. Great top and pants. Love the fold over you have done on the pants. I am loving StyleArc too and have just received another order!

  4. Awesome work, Suzy! I really love the yoga pants- it's hard to get a pair that fit just right :D

  5. the Becky yoga pants look and fit fantastic on you!

  6. Excellent top and yoga pants. I haven't tried Style arc yet, the report that they fit just like RTW is very offputting for a 3 sizes in one garment person like myself!