Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simplicity 2345: Jacket

I was asked over on pattern review if I had made the jacket from this pattern yet, when I reviewed the last cowl neck top. It got me looking at the pattern again and i figured I'd use up the leftover ponte from the Burda dress to make it up. Because I was using a knit I made a sz18 with a 3/4" FBA, plus dropped the bustline by about 1".

I inserted the sleeves flat and I left out the facings and used self made bias binding to finish the edges and serged the rest of the seams (sorry for the bad photo, I've had trouble with the lighting over winter and my photos seem to be either too dark or overexposed).

I originally added buttons to the front but decided to take them off, the buttonholes looked a bit icky in the ponte and I decided I liked it more without them, thank goodness I hadn't cut the buttonholes open!

I've been really impressed with this pattern, I bought it on one of the sewing pattern sales just because it was so cheap and I've ended up really liking it! At the moment the cowl neck tops are one of my most worn tops and I think the jacket really does go well with them. The pattern includes a striaght leg pant and I can see that it would probably suit the tops more than my wide leg pant.


  1. Love your label - could I ask if you made them yourself, or had them made????? Sticky-beak that I am....

    1. Hi Doobee - I get them through they are the woven prestige 29 clothing labels. I've been using them for well over a year and they've been through the washer/dryer and held up great. My mum used to use the iron in labels from there for our school clothes as kids, so the company has been around for a while!

  2. Great jacket Suzy - really suits you.