Sunday, July 1, 2012

Get Creative 2002: third version

Third times a charm right? Umm, not for me! This shirt was meant to be a quick easy project and ended up being a complete headache! I didn't buy enough fabric to begin with so had to change from a proper facing to a skinny one, then I managed to cut that too short and had to join another bit of fabric. Plus I'm not really happy with the hem and I decided to leave out the side slits but might have to add some in as it tends to bunch up on his hips a bit.

But at least its done and I managed to match the plaid better this time!

i've been trying to finish off a few UFO's that I've had lying around, I really don't like to leave anything unfinished so its nice to clear out some stuff.


  1. Another great shirt Suzy - lovely colours. And what a handsome boy you have.

  2. The plaids match great. Another fab shirt. Speaking of UFOs, where is that other trench coat you were working on?

    1. I've just finished it today, lol! Talk about a frustrating project.....I'll be posting up this week about it :)