Friday, April 27, 2012

Vogue 7975: Chanel style jacket - trim

So far so good, I got to try it on Mum last weekend and noticed it had some excess in front of her arms. According to FFRP its from narrow shoulders so I unpicked the arms and moved them over as far as I could, which was only about 1/2". So fingers crossed it looks better.
I have one armhole lining stitched down. I see a lot of people have trouble with it but I found if I sewed the bodice lining over top of the sleeve lining it sat very smoothly compared to trying to sew the very curved sleeve lining over top of the bodice lining.

Trim wise, I went with plain satin bias binding. I would love to have used a wider binding, you can see the machine stitching around the inside which should have been covered up, but I'm on an enforced no fabric/trim buying diet at the moment so had to go with what I had. After moving all my fabric and bits and pieces into the new sewing room I still have piles of it sitting around that won't fit in my cupboards or the new shelves I bought! So next couple of months need to be stash busting sewing!

You can see the bias undersleeve in this photo.

So - I've got half the trim left to stitch on and the other sleeve left to unpick and resew in plus the pockets to go the front. Getting there!


  1. It is looking great, both inside and out!

  2. Wow Suzy - this is looking fabo. Cant wait to see it modelled. The fabric looks beautiful and it is a great header for your blog. I am really quite envious. I haven't been able to sew for a while due to life / work commitments and have just been lurking around the blogs. Had to come out of lurkdom to comment on your great jacket.

  3. This is seriously gorgeous! I'm so sorry to hear that the Starlet Suit jacket seems to be wonky in the plus sizes too. At this moment, I really can't recommend it. The project would be intense enough if everything actually fit together. You might want to invest your energy on a similar pattern that's more tried and true.

    1. Thanks K.Line! Yeah I thinking the same, I have that Claire Schaeffer jacket pattern (V8333) as well and I think that might be better suited for my first proper attempt at a tailored jacket, that way I can still use the videos of Gertie pad stitching etc.