Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Burda 6011: Bella jeans

Another pair of Bella jeans.

I used a stretch drill this time, its a bit thinner than a denim. I did mock flat felled seams and used my singer to top stitch it, I still getting used to using that machine (it has a knee pedal which is taking a bit of time to get used to), so the first bits of top stitching are a bit dodgy!

The waistband on the Bella jeans dips to a low V at the back, so I turned it into more of a classic jeans yoke.

I'm happy with the construction of these, but....they're too bloody small!! I always use a stretch sateen for the waistband facing but this time because the drill was so lightweight I used a quilting cotton, which of course has no stretch so they were way too tight in the waist.

I unpicked and let out the side waistband seams which make them wearable but still no where near as comfortable as the last pair of Bella jeans I made. Not sure if I'll wear them a few times and see if they'll stretch out or unpick the whole waistband (I've already done the button and buttonholes so I can't unpick just the facing), or if they'll end up in the corner for the next few months (most likely, lol).
Ah well, it was good to practise my topstitching!


  1. Nice job anyway - just think that you've polished up another technique in making these - not time wasted.

  2. They look fabulous, so bummer about the waistband. Hopefully it will stretch out just enough for you to be comfortable.