Sunday, April 29, 2012

NewLook 6821

Just a quick project for my Son and as a bonus got to use some of my stash up.
Its a pattern I got at the op shop, blue fleece from Lincraft and a satin from Spotlight for the collar, cuffs and lining of the pockets.

A couple of tricks if anyone wants to sew satin to fleece
1. Don't! I had to unpick a couple of times because it just kept stretching out the satin and bunching the fleece even when using the walking foot
2. Use a walking foot, lots of pins and really hold it firm/stretch it with a hand behind and a hand in front of the needle.

The stitching certainly isn't gonna win any awards but eh, he doesn't care and really its only a dressing gown.

All in all though it was a really quick project and my boy loves it (even if he hates getting photos taken!)

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