Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moda Sophie cot quilt

While we were building the sewing room I spent ages each night on the net reading sewing blogs and became pretty obsessed with Oh! Fransson, I loved her gorgeous bright modern quilts and the way the free motion quilting looks - the first quilt I made I made machine quilted as I had been told that quilting at home was really hard. So this was a bit of an experiment to try out free motion quilting - it makes doing more quilts a lot more likely for me because the cost of getting them machine quilted is a bit prohibitive.

This quilt is the Sophie Car quilt with a wider border and no ties, the backing fabrics are Sophie leafy swirl blue fiesta and Sophie overlay blue fiesta.

The free motion quilting was fun, while it was easier than I thought it did take a while (about 4hrs to do this size quilt) and it took a bit of practise to get the stitches the same length and you can see I still need to improve. I imagine with enough practise it would be a lot quicker to do and the stitches would be more even.

I love sewing garments but its nice every now and then to not have to worry about fitting and sizes and just sew! Plus it makes such a great gift - this is for my best friends baby girl :)


  1. Wow - great job. Very nice quilt. I don't think I would have the patience to quilt. You have done well.

    1. Thanks BeaJay - its actually not that bad, and its a nice break from having to worry about fit!