Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Simplicity 2601 rockabilly version

I got this fabric with the intention to make boxer shorts out of it, but when I saw it hanging on the clothesline I thought it would make a nice blouse to wear under my cardigans.

I did the same adjustments I did with my other 2601 (Sz18 with a 1" FBA and 2" back width). The armholes feel a bit tight though, so I think I might need to unpick them yet and cut some size out.

I don't think its quite as flattering as my polkadot version, but it's still quite wearable.
The satin was a bit of a bugger to sew, I used quite a small needle (75/10),and more pins than normal but I still have some puckering mostly where the edges are finished with the bias binding.

I used satin bias binding to finish the inside again

We've had a bit of a heat wave here, each day last week has been over 35 degrees celcius with Sunday being 42! So I've done little to no sewing and lots of lying around in the pool or reading!

I've started the prep work for the Sewaholic Minoru jacket - I made a muslin for me but wasn't happy with the look, so I decided to make it for my daughter. I've found the ease isn't quite enough going by the size chart, I muslined her a size 8 at the shoulders, graded to a 10 at the waist then a 6 at the hips, but we found it a bit tight on the arms and the waist, plus she want's it really gathered at the waist, so I'm thinking a 12 through the shoulders graded out to a 16 at the waist/hips, any excess can be gathered at the waist as I'd rather it a bit big than too small.


  1. Have been thinking about you and the heat wave, thought it was us up here that had the hot stuff!!! We are in pleasant high 20's at the moment...
    Like the top and also hate sewing with slippery fabric - usually avoid it if I can.
    Good luck with the Minoru, there has been heaps of interest on this and some amazing ones completed already. What fabric do you use for a muslin - I usually pick up some calico from Bargain Box, but would be interested in an alternative...

  2. Hey Doobee! I use sheets from the op shops for my muslins - I got a heap of Actil double bed sheets for 50c each the other week - they usually have either small rips or are a bit worn but as long as they don't have yucky stains I'll grab them and stockpile a bit! Quilt covers are good too - usually a bit thicker material than real cheap sheets. I have to admit that unless its something I've never made before or if its for someone else I tend to tissue fit instead of making a muslin (I hate making them, seems like such a hassle and waste!)