Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vogue 8751 again!

I managed to score some wool blend suiting on clearance for $3 a meter the other day, perfect for another pair of these pants. The wool was a bit scratchy even after a wash so I figured I'd have a go at underlining them. The wool fabric also has 3% lycra so I needed a lining with stretch and its one thing I don't have in my stash so in my wisdom I decided to cut a rayon lining on the bias....I couldn't find any info on bias cut linings but figured I'd baste them on and sew like normal. It was a bit of a PITB, I basted them on and they twisted a bit so I had to unpick and rebaste. Even now they feel like they are twisting slightly. This week Lincraft has their 50% fabric sale so I'm going to stock up a bit on some stretch linings and stash them aside as the underlining does feel so luxurious that I'd love to do it again.

Otherwise these are identical to the last pair and a good practise go at a suit (jacket and pants) I'm planning to make from the other 6m of this suiting that may have followed me home!

On another note I signed up for Susan Khaljie's Couture course over at Craftsy last week. Very impressed so far - Susan is very charismatic in front of the camera and I love how interactive it is - I've already asked her a question and she replied very quickly! I already had the pattern so I've started - marked my pattern pieces and cut out my muslin, just have to trace all the details on. I'm already learning new things - I've never paid so much attention to grain lines before, and never used transfer paper either. I'll post up pictures of my muslin once I've got it sewn together.


  1. Have been back at work and missing out on all the sewing action!!! You certainly have conquered this pattern - just love the lining colour...the whole outfit looks great...
    *and I also missed the Lincraft sale (sad-face)...

    1. The Lincraft sale doesn't start till thursday 2nd Feb - They sent me a preview email yesterday, like I need an excuse to buy fabric!

  2. That lining is fierce! I love when there's a pop of color under a solid.

    I just purchased the class yesterday and started watching. Look forward to seeing your muslin. I may hold back a bit before I make it.

  3. Great pants. I am not game enough to tackle pants yet - let alone lined ones. The course looks interesting. I may take it up too.

  4. Great pants!

    I look forward to hearing about the Susan Khalje course. I hope to sign up soon.