Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bridesmaid dress: V.2 finished

This is version 2- I managed to overfit Version 1 plus I ended up hating it so much I never finished lining it or hemming it!

Some quick dress details;

Bodice from Simplicity 4070
Sleeves from Vogue 8943
Skirt is just the width of fabric gathered.
Rigelene boning in the back and front seams.


Size 18
1" FBA
1" Back width
1" bicep adjustment

Lace from Clear It in Melbourne
Chiffon and Lining from Lincraft

The dress was constructed from directions in Bridal Couture - there is a muslin underlining which is overlayed with the lining then the chiffon - my lace has a purple undertone that I couldn't match with plain chiffon but with the purple lining layered underneath it matches pretty well.

I catch-stitched down all the seams and fell stitched in the lining. First time I've used prick stitching instead of understitching and I'm really happy with it.

I added bra strap holders.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the fit. I do need to do some more tweaking - the back lace section is a bit loose, I should have interfaced or stay stitched it before I started sewing. I have some crumpling in the back waistband also, so it needs to be moved slightly higher and have a sturdier interfacing in it. The fit around the armholes needs to be refined too, I have a bit of excess at the front. But its definitely wearable and I like the shape on me


  1. Ohh, very pretty! I love the colour on you and I think the style is so flattering on you.

  2. This dress is seriously awesome! Loved seeing the insides of this garment;it looks so well made!

  3. A very nice dress, you look lovely.

  4. A very nice dress, you look lovely.

  5. Beautiful dress! You look lovely & have done a great job!
    Bonnie @

  6. What a beautiful dress! It looks lovely on you! Great job!!

  7. That dress is so wonderful - and the colour is fantastic! Serious dress envy at this end!

  8. Very very pretty and a fabulous fit. You look awesome in this lovely dress!

  9. that is gorgeous, everything about it, color, fabric etc. you look fantastic and I think the fit is perfect.

  10. Super gorgeous and excellent work as usual!

  11. This is so beautiful! I really love the color, and your finishing techniques are great. Well done!

  12. It looks so good! I love the detailed 'guts' photos - your finishing looks so good. Is this the finished version?

    1. Nope, I have one more practise dress planned and then will start on the finished version (which is pink.......on god I never wear pink, lol).

  13. I love your dress, it is gorgeous! It shows all advantages of the body and it is really girlish. Great job!