Wednesday, September 23, 2015

McCalls 7199: Drape jacket

I am a sucker for a drapy knit cardi and McCalls really do seem to do the best ones. The sizing is pretty predictable though, I always have to size down a few sizes (I think I'm a 20 or a 22 on the size chart and I made a sz16 here), the arms are always too short and way too tight. There's something a little funky going on at the back of the armhole, I want to wash it a few times though and see if its the fabric being a bit stiff or if I need to trim some off next time.


  • Size 16
  • 2" FBA
  • 3" bicep width
  • 1" to arm length
  • 1" to armscye height
  • 1" back width
  • 1" to hips

I like the seam lines on the back especially and I really want to make a contrasting version eventually.

I read in the only review on patternreview that the weight of the facings dragged the top forward when wearing so I decided to leave the facings out and left the front edge unhemmed. This meant I stitched the back neck seam the other way from the instructions so the seam would be hidden

The fabric is a purple/grey ponte knit from Spotlight

I wore this to work this week and its one of those tops that looks so much nicer when you are moving around instead of standing still, it has great drape and I love the seam lines. I thought about making it look more fitted by taking it in at the back by adding a centre backs seam but I have been way over-fitting my clothes lately and need to just take a chill-pill and relax so I left it long and swingy.


  1. I love this pattern- it's next in my queue to make. Yours turned out great! Such a pretty color on you.

  2. I LOVE your fabric choice and the color is really pretty on you! A Winner!!!

  3. I LOVE your fabric choice and the color is really pretty on you! A Winner!!!

  4. I have been working on this pattern for hours and hours and hours. It is my first time using knit. Your sweater looks so professional. What am I doing wrong. Mine puckers/ stitches look unfinished etc. I am using a regular sewing machine. I wonder if maybe the knit is too thin?

    1. Hi Nellie, what kind of knit are you using? I've used a ponte here which is a bit beefy. If you are using a thinner or drapier knit are you using a stretchy stitch like a zig zag or lightning bolt for your seams? If your fabric stretches but your seams don't it can cause a lot of puckering. I tend to use the lightning bolt or the overlocker/serger for seams on stretchy knits.
      Hope that helps! Suzy